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New Orleans

Few Places to Discover: Swirl Wine Bar & Market – 3143 Ponce de Leon Street, New Orleans If I was going to open a wine bar/store it would have all the trimmings of Swirl. I step inside and for once I don’t get carded. I tell Erin that I’m into biodynamic and fresh wines–turns out the […]

ANTI-SAQ and Why

In these times of wine salons, pink elephants and pure white-house drivel, I feel the urge to take on my greatest nemesis yet: The SAQ. The audacity surely comes from the bottle of Rita & Rudolph Trossen I’ve drunk. My goal is link together certain ideas and points of view into a cohesive whole. What […]


Harvest has always played an important role in human civilzation. For pagans, even the modern variety like Celts, the autumnal equinox is embodied by the great feast of Samhaïn, which marks the end of autumn and the beginning of winter.

Reevaluating Bojo nouveau

Our patterns of wine consumption are tainted by a certain selective streak. Any open-minded wine drinker must navigate between what we enjoy drinking and that hint of prejudice that can potentially box us in. When we are taught to decipher wine labels, we are taught to imagine what they taste like, in theory, based on […]

Chef & Sommelier

The decision to go out for a meal at a gastronomic establishment is to be out of your comfort zone and ready for something different. Furthermore, there has got to be a dish whose execution most home chefs can’t achieve, for lack of equipment, time or know-how.


Pet-Nat or musing on Natural Wine

In my introductory article for this blog, I let the cat out of the bag by stating my preference for natural wine. I believe I’ve even pledged allegiance, though neither binding nor blind, to the natural wine movement. It would be in keeping with my farm-to-table beliefs, so at least I’m consistant.


BBQ in Style

Synonymous with summer is charred meat off the grill, preferably your own grill. I am a fan of the old punk adage D.I.Y. or DO-IT-YOURSELF and hosting a BBQ is about your marinades, your cuts of meat and your expertise in working the grill.


Habits and social norms are always there to guide us when we’re trying to make sense of the world. They also have a role to play in the way knowledge is institutionalized. With rosé, the norm we take for granted is that this style of wine is not meant to be taken as seriously as […]