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What is Umami?

I seem to vaguely recall during my first or second sommelier courses that the prof mentioned the tongue’s ability to detect acidity, sweetness, bitterness, saltiness and… umami.

Sicily – White Wines

Although nothing was more eye-opening that discovering the sheer elegance and depth of Etna nerello mascalese, the Sicilian whites I’ve tasted recently were just as impressive. When I’m serving these at the restaurant to clients who initially mentioned looking for burgundy chardonnay or sauvignon blanc, I feel a sense of gratification that fresh and delicate […]

Orange Wine – The Latest Trend

If you’ve been peering at wine lists over the past few years, you’ll have noticed that some wines in white wine section (or in a section of their own) are listed as “orange”. Before getting into the process of how these wines are made, let’s begin by contextualizing this trend so we can better grasp […]

At the Restaurant: The Wine List

Wine has been democratized and more often than not, a restaurant like a funky taco, ramen or satay spot will have a cool and hip wine list, written on a chalkboard or printed on a flimsy piece of paper. Big heavy leather-bound wine lists and the stuffiness surrounding them are becoming (thankfully) a thing of […]

Wine Pairings at the Restaurant

It is often said that wine is a social lubricant and who can argue that wine is best enjoyed in a group? Wine derives even meaning when it is paired with food. The more thought that is put into a pairing, the bigger the potential for achieving something truly special.


The Costs of Pursuing a Passion

So you have a certain volition for wine? As you become accustomed to giving some wine a swirl, you notice that there are unmistakable differences between different wines: color, aromas, length on the palate etc. Maybe you’ve seen the movie Somm or were recommended a bottle that fulfilled or even exceeded your expectations the last […]

Making a Wise Choice at the SAQ

The logical destination for wine is the SAQ. You penetrate the entrance and in a hurry you grab the same bottle that has done you proud before. It’s a safe bet and you know what to expect. Good thing there’s those color-coded symbols to aid you when looking for something fruity or full bodied. As […]